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The Dutch Cheese Museum

The Dutch Cheese Museum was founded in Alkmaar in 1983. It is located in the historic Waaggebouw, which overlooks the cheese market. In the museum you will find lots of interesting information about cheese: its history, production methods and the cheese trade. To discover the true story of cheese, you really need to visit the Dutch Cheese Museum!


The origins of the Dutch Cheese Museum lie in the creation of the Stichting Hollands Zuivelarchief on 23 April 1969. The aim of this foundation is to collect objects and machines relating to the history of the dairy industry and the preparation of dairy products. The Dutch Cheese Museum finally opened its doors to the public on 21 April 1983. The museum was immediately a huge success. It welcomed its one millionth visitor in 2013 and is currently visited by 35,000 people from all around the world every year.